Fall Leadership Camp


Fall Camp is one of the most exciting times for AYA Young Entrepreneurs. Aspiring Youth Academy has partnered with BackCountry Unlimited to bring next level experiences and Leadership skills to our Young Entrepreneurs!

Every successful business needs a leader. Together with BU we have carefully designed a program that will create an empowered, socially conscious teen who will be ready to step into the world as the Leader they were born to be!

In a distracting digital world, we wish to offer valuable space where kids can slow down, disconnect from media, connect with nature and each other and focus. Away from the pressures, labels and social structure of school, one of the best parts of Fall Leadership Camp is the opportunity for Young Entrepreneurs to see an experience a different part of Arizona each day. Every day the Young Entrepreneurs will be in a new location, doing a new activity (white water rafting, mountain climbing etc..) that will encourage and promote their leadership skills.