AYA's teen leadership board meets twice a month to drive growth and change for the youth we serve.

 AYA Teen Leaders are conduits to our communities and drivers of change. In return, we deliver one-on-one education, mentorship, and scholarship opportunities to elevate our Aspiring teens education and career paths and help them advance their entrepreneurship goals.  

Aspiring Teen Leadership consists of 10-12 students from schools across Maricopa County who invest 5-10 hours in peer mentorship. We provide collegiate scholarship money, up to $1000 to teen leaders upon application to reward the Teen Leaders for their leadership and participation in helping their peers.


We are investing dollars in student leaders who are willing to commit to their learning and impact on others. Scholarships are provided for students who particpate in AYA teen leadership. For more information on how to become a teen leader contact bridget@aspiringyouth.org


Build your resume by being apart of a top rated non-profit that is building a better future for Arizona.


Our events are intended to build community and foster deep relationships.

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Looking for leadership opportunities, expanding your resume, and having increased entrepreneurial opportunities? We are looking for high school leaders to help develop the next generation entrepreneurs and in exchange we will be investing in you!

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In every way we seek to reach a diverse population and elevate the under-served communities. Please take a moment to help us know a little more about you.

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