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Scottsdale Charros

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mesa public schools
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AZ Hispanic Chamber
Sonoran Bean

Fundraising Partner: 20-30 Club

At Aspiring Youth Academy we owe our robust start and ongoing success to the generous backing of our funding partner, The Active 20-30 Club of Phoenix.

This venerable organization holds the distinction of being Phoenix’s oldest philanthropic institution, with a primary focus on aiding underprivileged children and founded Aspiring Youth Academy in 2014. . The 20/30 Club of Phoenix comprises dynamic young professionals from across Phoenix’s metropolitan expanse, each a trailblazer in their respective fields. AYA and the 20/30 Club of Phoenix share a unified vision – to uplift children within our community, foster personal leadership growth, and ignite the power within young people to reach their ultimate potential. We strive to enhance the lives of local teens through a combination of fundraising initiatives and community events. We believe every child deserves an opportunity to learn entrpreneurship, financial eduction and leadership, and we are committed to making that a reality.