Taylor Paielli

Hi, my name is Taylor Paielli. I was  born and raised in the beautiful  state of Arizona. I began my academic journey at Arizona State  University and recently graduated in Spring of 2023 with two degrees in  Computer Information Systems and Marketing. Throughout college, I was  involved in several campus organizations focused on career development  as well held 4 internships while attending school. After graduation, I  recently started a new role as a ServiceNow Application Admin at Early  Warning Services, the company behind Zelle payments. Essentially, I help  develop and manage a system that enables business processes to be more  efficient. My passion lies at the intersection of business and  technology, and I have hands-on experience programming applications in  React Native and Python, with a solid grasp of HTML, CSS, JavaScript,  and SQL. Outside of my tech world, I love cooking up new dishes,  traveling, watching movies, and journaling.