Brianna Atwood

 My name is Brianna Atwood and I currently am a Human Resources manager with  Target. In 2020, received my Associate’s in Business from Scottsdale  Community College, and continued my education at ASU graduating with a  Bachelor’s in Management in 2022. I started working when I was 16 and  knew I had a love for teaching people but I wasn’t sure how to pursue  that or make it into my career. I took a marketing class with Eric  Nilsson who gave great guidance and helped me navigate extracurriculars  like DECA. From then on, I knew that management was the route I wanted  to take for a career path. I became a retail manager at the age of 18  and have been a leader of people for almost 6 years. My favorite part of  my job is seeing the growth and success of my team each day. I am  currently pursuing a certificate in Human Resources Management to  further my knowledge within my current role. In my free time, I love  spending time with my family! I am currently learning Spanish and have  recently taken up an interest in volunteering.