Ezequais Fuentes

 Ezequias Fuentes graduated from Camelback High School in 2019 and recently  accomplished the remarkable feat of obtaining his Bachelor of Arts  degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from Arizona State University in  2023. His studies were focused on Marketing & Sales as well as  Digital Audiences, and he also earned a certificate in Cross-Sector  Leadership. Presently, he holds the esteemed position of Director of  Programs at Hustle PHX, a faith-based nonprofit organization dedicated  to equipping individuals with intellectual, social, and financial  resources, enabling them to initiate and expand their businesses.
Ezequias’  journey in the realm of business and entrepreneurship began during his  high school years when he actively participated in marketing courses,  DECA, the Young Entrepreneurs Academy, and even served as a Camp  Counselor for Aspiring Youth Academy. This early engagement laid the  foundation for his passion in the field.

Remarkably, Ezequias is one of ten siblings, originating from a close-knit and sizable  family. This familial background serves as a constant source of  motivation and inspiration for him. Every achievement he attains carries  an added significance, as he recognizes that his successes reverberate  through his family and community. With a strong educational  background, an impressive array of experiences, and an unyielding  dedication to empowering others through entrepreneurship, Ezequias Fuentes stands as a true example of resilience, leadership, and community impact.